Educating Kids in a Safe and Learner-Centered Environment

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Learning and Growing Every Day

Thank you for visiting the online home of Little Red School House. We look forward to having your children with us. Our team is ready to help them learn to explore the world in a safe and interactive environment.

We are fully prepared to give the special attention that your children need. Contact us today to find out more.

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Our Classroom

Our classroom is the pride and joy of Little Red School House in Gretna, NE. It is where your children will spend most of their time, learning and growing with our teachers. We look forward to having your child with us and offer a sneak preview of what our classroom has for them. Browse through our information below and see what we have in store.

We offer Amazing Athletes Sports Class as an additional benefit your child may choose to enroll in during daycare hours!

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Our Teachers

Little Red School House is proud of the fantastic teachers that we have working for us. We know that giving your kids a good head start is important, and that starts with having the best teachers. We do require all staff to be trained in First Aid and CPR.

Our teachers take 12 hours of continuing education per year as well as attend monthly staff meetings.

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Outdoor Play

For kids who want to keep the fun going even after they leave school, Little Red School House in Gretna, NE offers Outdoor Play! We will keep this space up to date with the latest fun activities. 

We also have an Indoor Gym for rainy days.  Available for all children to play and enjoy!

Our Mission

At Little Red School House in Gretna, NE, we strive to provide an “at-home” feel for all of our children. We want to foster a sense of community and support the families of children in our care. Our core values and our programs are implemented for the children through their social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs.

We believe that the first few years of a child’s development are where confidence and self-esteem have a great impact on their life in the future, and therefore the most important. We understand that parents are the most important teachers in their children’s lives. Our goal is to work with parents to nurture the child while combining challenging academics with creative learning.

We want each child to be known, encouraged, and valued wholeheartedly.

Our Reviews

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